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Heat Pump Installation

Year-round comfort at an affordable price

If you are looking for an energy efficient HVAC unit that heats and cools your home all year-round, a heat pump is the perfect solution for your home. At Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer free estimates for heat pump installation.

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How do heat pumps work?

Unlike furnaces, heat pumps do not burn a fuel to create heat. Instead, they move heat from outside and exhaust it into your home. Does this process sound familiar? It is the way air conditioning works, only in reverse. In fact, heat pumps function just like air conditioners in the summer; an ingenious reversing valve allows them to warm your home with the same heat-moving principle.

Benefits of installing a heat pump

Why should you consider installing a heat pump instead of the traditional furnace/air conditioner combination? Here are three reasons why:

How to choose a heat pump

Trane Authorized Dealer

We at Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning are proud to be a Trane Authorized Dealer. As such, we meet all Trane qualification standards and are committed to being the best in every aspect of our business. We proudly install Trane home comfort systems, including Trane heat pumps.

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Heat Pump Installation Locations

Fayette County (TN): EadsOakland, and Macon.

Shelby County (TN): ArlingtonBartlettBrunswickColliervilleCordovaEllendaleGermantown, and Memphis.

Tipton County (TN): AtokaBrighton, CovingtonDrummondsMillingtonMunford, and Tipton.

Why call infinity heating and air conditioning for heat pump installation?

With so many HVAC contractors to choose from, why should you choose Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning for your heat pump installation project. Here at Infinity, our mantra is:

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