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Heating repairs and services

It is warm in our area for a good part of the year. However, we have winter months where the weather is very cold. During those cold months, you want your home warm and heating system working properly. Each year, as you switch from air conditioning to heating, you must ask yourself: is your heater ready for another winter?

Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning is a heating contractor in Millington Tennessee servicing the entire Memphis, Shelby and Tipton County area. 

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Heating repair services

We understand – there is never a good time for your heater to break down, especially during the coldest winter months. If you notice your furnace making strange noises, heating poorly, or malfunctioning in another way, call us at 901-622-HVAC , for a free estimate.

Fortunately, with our heating repair services, we will have your system back up and running quickly. If the repair can not wait, call Infinity at 901-622-HVAC , for emergency same-day service, seven days a week!

We repair all types of heating systems, including:

We also offer comprehensive heating repairs for all major HVAC manufacturers. This includes:

Furnace and heat pump installation

Do you need a heating installation because you are building a new home? Perhaps you are replacing baseboard or radiator heating with a central, forced-air system. Either way, the professionals at Infinity can handle the job.

Let us help you size an efficient Trane furnace or heat pump to meet your home’s heating demands. Then, stand back as our experienced crew performs a safe, professional installation. There is no better way to have the job done.

We Will replace your heating system for you

How long have you owned your heating system? Depending on what equipment you have and how well you care for it, you can expect your heater to last 10 to 20 years. If your furnace or heat pump is nearing this age range and is starting to give you trouble, now could be the time to consider a heating replacement.

At Infinity, we are happy to replace aging systems with top-of-the-line Trane heating equipment. Backed by rigorous testing, award-winning performance, and excellent warranty coverage, you can enjoy the peace of mind that Trane provides.

Heating system cleaning and tune-ups

Annual heating maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your equipment in top working order for many seasons to come. Expect to save money on energy costs, repairs, and future premature replacements by scheduling a heating tune-up every fall.

We will perform a comprehensive inspection of your entire heating system—from your main unit to your home’s ductwork and everything in between.

Trane authorized dealer

We at Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning are proud to be a Trane Authorized Dealer. As such, we meet all Trane qualification standards and are committed to being the best in every aspect of our business. We proudly install Trane home comfort systems, including Trane air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces.

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