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Heat Pump Repair

Same-day heat pump repairs

Heat pumps are excellent heating and cooling machines, able to provide year-round comfort for your home. However, even with their robust build, heat pumps can suffer from different mechanical issues. If you need a heat pump repair in Millington, TN or its surrounding areas there is only one name you need to know—Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning!

We provide our customers with honest, dependable heat pump repair. We even provide same-day heat repair when possible to get your heat pump back up and running again in no time!

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Common heat pump problems

Heat pumps typically last 10 to 15 years – or even longer if you keep up with preventative maintenance. Still, you’re bound to need a few repairs within that long lifespan. Turn to Infinity for all the heat pump repairs you need and benefit from a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!

Here are some of the problems that heat pumps face:

The heat pump will not cycle on

 This problem could be resolved simply by resetting a tripped breaker or double checking the thermostat settings. If these basic troubleshooting tips will not work, then call Infinity at 901-622-HVAC for heat pump repair.

If your heat pump runs constantly, but never reaches the target temperature, check the supply registers around your home. The air pressure may seem low or the air may feel tepid. Remember, heat pumps do not generate as much heat as furnaces do in the winter. Therefore, lukewarm air and longer cycles are normal. Try replacing the air filter and if that does not solve the problem, call Infinity at 901-622-HVAC .

When a frozen indoor heat pump coil thaws, it can leak water into your home. The outdoor condensing unit may also collect water around it if something is wrong with the unit. No matter the problem, our technicians can fix your heat pump to help you avoid water damage.

When operating like an air conditioner in the summer, the indoor evaporator coil can freeze over. First, try replacing the air filter to improve airflow. If the coil still freezes up, you may need a refrigerant recharge and a leak fixed, both of which are jobs for our professionals at Infinity are expertly qualified for.

The heat pump should cycle on, run for several minutes, and cycle back off with a period of rest before turning back on. If the unit cycles on and off every two or three minutes, this is a sign of overheating, which requires professional attention.

If your heat pump’s performance has taken a hit lately, a repair may be all you need to restore efficient operation and resume those low energy bills.

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