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Why Should I Have a Tune Up Done On My AC Unit?

During the Spring and Fall months, you probably hear the term “tune up” a lot, regarding your heating and cooling systems, but why would your home’s units need tune ups? Think about your vehicle. You take your vehicle to have the oil changed, tires rotated, and clean it regularly, so, why would we question performing similar maintenance for our HVAC system? Perhaps it’s because we see our vehicle every day, whereas, the air conditioning unit is at the back of your home, and you do not see it as often, and don’t think about it until something goes wrong. Many homeowners often take for granted the hard work that their air conditioning unit does to keep their family comfortable 24/7 during those warmer months, therefore, neglecting to care of their units, and, much like a vehicle that is not cared for, those units eventually have major issues or even break down, resulting in costly bills and an unhappy, uncomfortable family.

Here are some reasons why you may want to have an AC tune up this Spring:

Protect Your Investment

Your heating and cooling units are some of the largest and most expensive appliances in your home, and, are used more often than any other one. With great importance often comes great cost, so an HVAC unit is something that a homeowner likely wants to protect, trying to prevent having to make that investment again for as long as possible! This is where an AC Tune Up can be key in protecting your investment. By having an HVAC professional clean and inspect your unit each year, along with properly lubricating all moving parts, and checking ductwork and other aspects of your HVAC system, you can rest assured that you are doing your part in preventing costly repairs, and taking the steps necessary to help your system last as long as possible.

Increase Efficiency, Potentially Lower Energy Bills

Just as with a vehicle or a human, the healthier and the better cared for they are, the more efficiently they can run, and with greater efficiency comes the potential for less utility costs, and greater savings each month. An example of how a tune up could increase the efficiency of your air conditioner is that an HVAC technician will thoroughly clean your unit’s coils and coil guard with cleaner to allow the unit to draw in air more efficiently, with less restriction from debris, dust, dirt, and grass. This can, in turn, also increase the amount of air that is flowing throughout your home, resulting in a better and more consistent cooling effect. Another example is: during a tune up, a technician also visually inspects your ductwork to look for any obvious damage, leaks, or anything that could be keeping air from efficiently making it all the way throughout your home!

Identify Issues, So Have the Opportunity to Fix Them Before They Become Costly

During a tune up, technicians perform a full inspection and extensive testing on your units to ensure that all safety, electrical, and mechanical parts are operating properly, and to check things like refrigerant levels. By doing this, a technician can make recommendations, if necessary, and, if the homeowner chooses to let the technician repair it, this could potentially prevent a much larger issue down the road, and likely a much more costly repair, or even replacement.

Of course, there are many reasons why it is important for you to care for your HVAC system with routine maintenance, and we would be happy to go over these things with you! If you are ready to get started with a tune up by one of Infinity’s service professionals, give our office a call at 901-622-HVAC (4822) to schedule!

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During the Spring and Fall months, you probably hear the term “tune up” a lot, regarding your heating

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